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We offer a first class hire service where we offer 10 hire tartans, including our unique Haddo Range. We have 6 jacket styles, including our brown and blue Harris Tweed along with and a myriad of accessories to choose from, including tan ghillie brogues and sporrans, and a choice of sock colours and tartan ties. As well as our own Haddo Range we have chosen some unique tartans such as Loch Ness, Patriot Weathered and Robertson Hunting Weathered for our hire stock, along side some of the more mainstream and popular tartans such as Highland Granite and Isle of Skye.

All our hire outfits are of the highest quality and are assembled in store and altered to fit individual clients, so you can be assured a great fit every time. We offer outfits from traditional Prince Charlie with a bow tie to a more modern outfit using our Ghille Jacket and modern grey tartans. Most of our hire tartans are also available in children’s sizes starting from approximately 12 months.

Haddo - Quality traditional handmade highland wear

For customers looking for multiple hires for their big day we also offer wedding kilt packages below.

Wedding Kilt Packages

Haddo Gold

Haddo Gold tartan was designed by ourselves to reflect the area we are based, portraying the earthy colours and golden fields that surround us.

Complimented perfectly with the luxurious brown Harris Tweed jacket and vest. This tartan matches perfectly with a mid brown sock, or if you are very daring a striking mustard socks provides a bold look!

This tartan has been pleated to give a distinguished look, showing off the blue through the pleats.

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Haddo Antique

Haddo Antique is a variation on the Haddo Gold, but in granite colours to reflect our area’s long history with the stunning silver/grey granite that the North east is built on.

This tartan goes particularly well with our Charcoal tweed jacket and vest. Wear either a charcoal or mid grey sock to complete a stunning and unique outfit.

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Buchanan Blue

Buchanan Blue is a modern variation on the classic Buchanan clan tartan.

This new brown and blue version is elegantly classy and pairs perfectly with our Blue Harris tweed jacket and vest.

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Grey Stewart

A modern design based on a classic.

To create a prefect modern look pair with our Grey Ghillie Jacket and grey wool tie.

A more traditional look can be achieved with the Charcoal tweed and sock combination. Works particularly well with a black shirt too.

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MacKenzie Modern

A classic clan tartan, pleated to the white line to represent the military heritage.

We particularly like to pair this with a charcoal jacket and socks but it also suits the various styles of Prince Charlie jacket.

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Loch Ness

It's myriad of blues is very unusual but it's a customer favourite for those looking for something a little different.

We have found this our most flexible tartan which works with everything from the classic Prince Charlie and bow tie outfit, right through to brown brogues and a light grey Ghillie jacket.

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Highland Granite

A modern slate coloured tartan with no distinct colour in it ensuring it can be combined with any of our hire jackets.

Pair with a white or black shirt and tartan tie, or any colour of ruche or plain colour Lambswool tie to create a modern outfit suitable for any occasion.

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Weathered Hunting Robertson

Weathered variation of the Robertson Hunting tartan which has all the typical weathered colours.

Great for Rustic themed weddings and also now considered modern when paired with our tan ghillie brogue and tan sporran.

This tartan suits a white or ivory shirt and either tartan or weathered coloured tie.

For an entirely different take on it, pair with a black shirt and grey ruche tie.

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Isle of Skye

Quickly becoming a classic.

A hugely popular tartan with hues of purple and green that depict the colours of the lovely Isle Of Skye.

Pair with a charcoal tweed jacket and green socks for a classic outfit, or a black shirt and socks with purple ruche for a modern twist.

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Patriot Weathered

A modern design based on the Douglas tartan.

A very flexible tartan that suits all our hire jackets.

The colours are a blue/grey and goes nicely with either the weathered blue, grey or tartan wool ties.

A particular favourite outfit is with light grey socks, grey Ghillie Jacket and weathered blue tie, although it works well with brown shoes and sporran too. Pleated to the double blue line.

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Options & Pricing

Our Jacket styles are:
Prince Charlie Jacket & 3 Button vest
Prince Charlie Jacket & 5 Button vest
Charcoal tweed Crail Jacket & Vest
Light Grey Ghillie Jacket & Vest
Brown Harris tweed Jacket & Vest**
Blue Harris Tweed Jacket & Vest**

Hire outfits*** for adults and children consists of the following:
Kilt of your choice, Tartan flashes, Jacket & Vest of your choice, Ghillie Brogues, Kilt Hose (If required), Dress or Semi Dress Sporran, choice of tie, imitation Sgian Dubh to compliment your outfit.
***Please note we don’t supply shirts with our hire outfits

Hire prices
Any hire with Charcoal jacket & vest, Prince Charlie jacket & vest or Light grey Ghillie jacket & vest £90
**Harris tweed jackets & vest complete hire (including sporran & shoes) £125
Childrens hire ( excluding hose ) £65
Hose to compliment your choice of outfit from £7.50
Kids Hose to compliment your their choice of outfit £5
Brown Ghillie Brogues £5 extra
Brown Sporran £5 extra
Kilt only hire £40
Jacket only hire £37.50
Harris tweed jacket hire £70

Our hire periods are very flexible and we always keep additional charges to a minimum, so if you are looking to hire for an extended period please let us know and we will be delighted to help.

Wedding Kilt Packages

For customers looking for multiple hires for their big day we also offer wedding kilt packages below.

Wedding Kilt Packages



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